Music is inherently motion. It is inextricably IN time (we say "step in time, don't we?), rhythm mirroring footsteps and heartbeats and inbreaths, melody traversing time, harmony traversing space. We have words like "movement" and "motet" for pieces. Maybe this integrality of motion in the heart of music is why the makers of music are also travellers, tramps, pilgrims, waifs, wanderers, ramblers, hitchers, and vagabonds. The same force that drives us to make music drives us to move. Or maybe its the moving that begets the music, or the music the moving?

In any case, this will to wander is fierce. Myself and Ginger Bones (nee Abby LeGare) are following this impulse. In the tradition of generations of bards and songweavers before us, we are setting forth. We are taking our songs to old friends and new faces, singing to the mountains and the sea. In motion with our songs, we will be present but never stuck, content but never still, ever betwixt and between with no end in sight. A journey without departure or arrival. Only motion. Only music.