Electric Porcelain


Set squarely between dazzling mythology and the rawest reality, Electric Porcelain delves into the farthest regions of poignant longing. Here is the shadowy otherness, the half-spoken truths, the breathless leap of learning to love in a hetero world.

Electric Porcelain Cover.jpg
Electric Porcelain CD

In a gatefold CD case with black and white film photography by Joey Meinert.

Electric Porcelain Lyric Zine + Digital Download

An 8 X 5” booklet including all the lyrics and poetry from Electric Porcelain, and featuring black and white photography from Joey Meinert, Nanne Sorvold, and Carlisle Evans Peck. Includes a digital download of the album.

“Crystallized” Video


“Electric Porcelain” Video


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