“EKPHRASIS” is a Greek word literally meaning to speak out or elaborate. In the academy of Socrates, students would practice “ekphrasis” by painstakingly translating a statue or painting into verse. In later years, it came to mean any crossing over between artistic media. I find a less direct, but more truthful translation of the word is “becoming”.

In composing and recording this album, my self was translated between many forms. Layers were peeled away. Marrow and pith exposed. New trappings were found. The music was transformed in the paintings of Vatina McLaurin and the poetry of Alex Blust. It was tumbled over in the ebb and flow of seasons. And finally, the being was incarnated physically as a pheasant, cast to the roadside.

This is a saga of thawing, dredging, breaking, tilling, growing, burning, reforming, and becoming.

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