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Carlisle Evans Peck / (309) 507-3433


“Though his compositions are otherworldly, with lyrics spoken like incantations and a

combination of methodically constructed instrumental melodies and collected sounds, Evans

Peck’s work draws us toward a mirror he holds up to our own consciousness.”

- Anna Selle for Hear-Queer

Carlisle Evans Peck strives for the heart of human connection in his cinematic

compositions. To experience his music is to embark on a journey through vividly rendered

landscapes of emotion. Each song is an intricate and immersive saga, as delicate as a whisper and

as powerful as falling in love. Equally at home in a wooded glade or on a cabaret stage, he

weaves vibrant indie-classical mythologies in his dynamic compositions. He is a classically

trained pianist and singer with a love of Renaissance motets and madrigals, a botanist and

philologist with a penchant for dramatic storytelling, and a queer person who grew up in Illinois

farm country - and all of these truths mingle in his is elegant and enrapturing music. Whether

surrounded by a nine-piece chamber-rock orchestra, backed by soaring choral harmonies, or solo

with his haunting voice and piano laid bare, Carlisle Evans Peck is a transportive performer with

a singular artistic voice.

Like evening rays of sun through oak trees, fog rising from the surface of a river, or

waves in Big Bluestem rippling across a prairie, Carlisle Evans Peck can be difficult to define,

and it is equally difficult to encapsulate his broad creative output. From indie-rock to choral

pieces and piano solos to film scores, Carlisle is an innovative and tireless creator. His three

independently produced and released albums are epic in the scope of their arrangements and

operatic in their narrative. His 2016 albums Ekphrasis and WATER||SHED weave together

poetry and field recordings with piano-centered musical movements to form a richly textured

environmentalist mythos. On his even more ambitious 2018 release Electric Porcelain, Carlisle

composed for a chamber rock ensemble of percussion, electric guitar, a string quartet, and a

vocal trio, enveloping his central piano and vocals in lush arrangements. From orchestral pieces

of cathartic, transportive energy to hushed poetry and piano solos that are startlingly intimate,

Electric Porcelain is an epic of queer love which traverses broad musical and emotional

landscapes on its journey through loss and transformation. Additionally, he has composed for

film, dance and choir, created an absurdist electronic music project about biodiversity loss, and

forayed into music-theater.

Carlisle is rooted in the vibrant artist community of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

He is a frequent performer at venues in the Twin Cities both as a solo artist and backed by a

chamber rock ensemble and vocal trio. In live performance he has collaborated with dancers,

visual artists, filmmakers, and poets to expand and enrich his visionary songs. His music has

been featured on local radio stations, and he has toured his music regionally and nationally.

Gig List

Minneapolis/St. Paul:

Aster Cafe, Seward Cafe, Honey, Moon Palace Books, Icehouse, Troubadour Wine Bar, Uptown

Church, Pinwheel Arts and Movement Studio, Good Arts Collective, Uptown Church, Black

Dog Cafe, The Warming House, Studio Z St. Paul, Underground Music Cafe


Uncommon Ground Edgewater (Chicago), Driftless Books and Music (Viroqua, WI), Blush (Duluth MN), Coffee Hag (Mankato, MN), Rozz Tox (Rock Island, IL), Augustana College (Rock Island, IL), Ca D'Zan (Cambridge, IL), The Lingonberry (Decorah, IA), The Contented Cow (Northfield, MN),`Red Herring Lounge (Duluth, MN), Laughing Sun (Bismarck, ND), School for Contemporary Dance and Thought (Northampton, MA), Twisted Pine (Boulder, CO), Milltown Coffee (Moline, IL)

Festivals and showcases:

Err No. 23 (Produced by Err Artist Collective) (March 2016), Mother

Goose’s Bedtime Stories - In the Garden of Celestial Dreams (Fall 2017), Zeitgeist New Music

ensemble Halloween Music Festival (Fall 2018), Electric Porcelain Live album Performances

(Summer 2017, Summer 2018), Electric Porcelain Album Release (Fall 2018), Mama Caught

Fire’s Solstice/Equinox series Spring Equinox Show (Spring 2018), Good Arts Collective

residency (Spring 2018)

Midwest Tours

Spring 2016, Spring 2018

West Coast house show tour

Fall 2016

Sounds like: Benjamin Clementine, Antony and the Johnsons, Joanna Newsom, Gabriel Kahane,

Patrick Watson, Sufjan Stevens


“what comes across clearest is Evans Peck’s intense individual pathos...it makes for a beautiful

and transportive listening experience.”

-Jon Behm at Reviler.org, reviewing Electric Porcelain

“Though his compositions are otherworldly, with lyrics spoken like incantations and a

combination of methodically constructed instrumental melodies and collected sounds, Evans

Peck’s work draws us toward a mirror he holds up to our own consciousness.”

-Anna Selle at Hear-Queer

“Carlisle Evans Peck has crafted what may be his best work yet. WATER||SHED is haunting and

hypnotic, politically charged, yet spiritually uplifting. The music blends the grace of choral

music with a jagged prophetic voice reminiscent of Laurie Anderson or Antony and the


-Vernon Meidlinger-Chin, Floodmark Magazine

“Carlisle Evans Peck embodies this sense of ethereal otherness and mystery while exuding such

a knowledge of himself and his work that it centers the audience to a point where they are safe to

lose themselves in the dynamic and sensorial artscape that Carlisle creates in his music.”

- Jen Bluhm/Waltzing On Waves: Performing Artist, Composer, Neurodiversity/Mental Health


"Artists who manufacture melancholy are a dime a dozen. What Carlisle does goes so much

beyond that--he creates music that shoulders past my loud emotions and finds the small feelings

that I am too distracted to notice. He gives word and melody to the silent parts of myself, and

lifts them right in front of my face.”

-Tyler Sit, Minneapolis pastor and church planter

“Carlisle puts his rawness on display - on display in the sense of a dew-dropped flower

tentatively unfurling in hopes of meeting the morning sun. And through this vulnerability he

gathers us into the story with him. We leave with the feeling of having made something

tremendous together, of having fallen in love. Or rather, we are left heartbroken with the rich

memories of a life lived fully.”

-Orin Rubin, Minneapolis Poet, Artist, and Activist